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From Concept to Craft:
Innovative Marine Designs

Pioneering Advanced Marine Solutions Since 2008

Established in 2008, Vectis Marine Design is a marine design consultancy that prides itself in delivering excellent and optimised design solutions for military and professional high-speed craft and specialist vessels to meet complex and challenging requirements and constraints, and provides technical support and decarbonisation solutions for such vessels.


Vectis Marine Design: Where precision meets innovation in marine engineering.

Our team at Vectis Marine Design comprises highly skilled naval architects and experienced mechanical, structural, and design engineers. Each member brings a deep-seated passion for ship and boat design, construction, and operation. We are dedicated to delivering outstanding solutions that effectively address complex and challenging requirements.Vectis has been part of the Zodiac Milpro group since 2021 and support Zodiac Milpro with the design of new their new craft, with research and development and innovation projects, with technical support and the technical management of projects.


Comprehensive Naval Architecture and Engineering Services

Our capabilities include naval architecture, structural, mechnical and design engineering and analysis.

We are experienced at designing vessels from 4m to 34m in length and in steel, aluminium, GRP and composite materials, and HDPE. We have a thorough understanding of military and professional boat requirements and their challenges.

Decarbonization solutions

Pioneering Battery-Electric, Hybrid, and Hydrogen Technologies

Vectis Marine Design is at the forefront of decarbonizing specialist vessels and small crafts. Our comprehensive approach involves both the conversion of existing vessels and the design of new builds.
In collaboration with vessel operators, we meticulously analyze the specific operational needs of each vessel to devise the most effective decarbonization strategy. Whether through the adaptation of existing fleets or the introduction of new vessels, our expertise encompasses a range of sustainable technologies including battery-electric, hybrid, hydrogen, and alternative fuels, along with the requisite infrastructure to support these innovations.

Technical Support

Enhancing Vessel Longevity with Life-Extension Projects

We provide comprehensive technical support to vessel owners, operators, builders and maintainers.

Our support to in-service vessels includes modification and conversion design, structural inspections and analysis, re-engine packages, stability tests and books, life-extension projects, manoeuvring and seakeeping analysis, accident investigations, etc.. We provide such support to UK MOD boats, boat and ferry operators, builders and maintainers.

From Concept to Craft

Showcasing a Diverse Portfolio of Marine Designs

Our extensive portfolio showcases a range of successful detailed, preliminary, and concept designs, many of which are readily adaptable to new requirements. Our experience spans a diverse array of vessels, including high-speed RIBs and rigid boats extensively used by frontline military, special forces, and various police, patrol, and rescue organizations. Additionally, our portfolio features workboats, small ferries, and unconventional vessels such as amphibious crafts, hydrocopters, and unmanned crafts, highlighting our broad expertise and innovative approach in marine design.

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