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Vectis consolidates advanced composite design capability

Vectis has recently completed the structural design of two new high performance and weight critical advanced composite craft thereby consolidating our in-house structural design capability in both composites and metals. These craft follow the structural design of a novel 22m high speed craft and a next-generation 8m RIB both in advanced composite materials with infused and cored structural elements. This advanced composite design capability is available to other naval architects, boat designers and boat builders.


Tel: +44 (0) 1489 807 270


We specialise in the design and project management of military and professional boats up to around 35m in length.

These include the following types of craft;

  • Rigid Inflatable Boats
  • Interceptors
  • Riverine Craft
  • Special Forces Craft
  • Fast Patrol Boats
  • Specialist Craft
  • Fast Rescue Craft

Specialist Craft include boats such as military pilot and passenger boats, fast cargo boats, CBRN craft, landing craft and amphibious vehicles.