Technical Support

From Studies to Refits, We Support Every Step

Technical support encompasses a broad spectrum of services tailored to the unique demands of the maritime industry, all of which are expertly provided by Vectis Marine Design.

Design Services:

A comprehensive suite of design support ranges from initial concept stages to detailed design and production drawings, ensuring that projects are developed to meet specific client needs and industry standards.

Feasibility and Technical Assessments:

Detailed feasibility studies and trade-off analyses are conducted to assess the viability and strategic options of projects, helping clients make informed decisions.

Modifications and Conversions:

Specialization in modifying and converting existing vessels enhances their functionality or adapts them to new purposes, from minor modifications to complete overhauls.

Military Compatibility:

Interoperability studies and designs ensure that vessels meet stringent defense standards and operational requirements for military use.

Structural Inspections:

Comprehensive structural inspections and assessments determine the integrity and safety of maritime structures, safeguarding against potential failures.

Engineering Solutions:

Re-engine design packages are developed to improve engine efficiency, performance, or incorporate new technologies into existing systems.

Stability and Compliance Tests:

Activities such as inclining experiments, lightship surveys, and stability book creations ensure that vessels meet all safety and stability regulations.

Performance Testing:

Conducting sea trials and performance analysis evaluates a vessel’s seaworthiness and handling characteristics under various operational conditions.

Dynamic Analysis:

Analysis of maneuvering and seakeeping helps predict vessel performance in different sea states, crucial for safety and operational efficiency.

Investigative and Advisory Services:

In the event of maritime accidents, thorough investigations identify causes and preventative measures. Expert witness services are also available to assist in legal and insurance matters related to maritime incidents.

With this extensive range of capabilities, Vectis ensures optimal performance and compliance for maritime projects, addressing all regulatory standards and operational goals.