Shaping the future

We deliver excellent design solutions to meet challenging and complex requirements.

Naval architecture, engineering and design

We specialise in the naval architecture, engineering and design of a wide range of craft to meet challenging and often conflicting requirements that typically include high speed, long range, high payload and complex inter-operability and other requirements. These include craft for military, professional and commercial operators.

Design Capabilities

Top-tier naval architects and skilled engineers in mechanical, structural, and design disciplines

At Vectis Marine Design, our team is composed of top-tier naval architects and skilled engineers in mechanical, structural, and design disciplines. Equipped with comprehensive in-house capabilities spanning naval architecture, engineering, analysis, and design, we offer complete, tailor-made design solutions. Whether you need full vessel designs or specific components like hull design, structural plans, or engineering systems, we deliver everything from concept sketches to detailed designs and production-ready drawings.

Naval Architecture

Naval architecture is at the heart of everything that we do and is key to delivering successful and optimised designs for new vessels.

Our experience and capabilities include general arrangement development, hullform design and optimsation, propulsion system specification, weights and centres management, performance prediction, stability analysis, and ensuring compliance with applicable standards. To analyse and optimise designs we use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) which allows us to simulate the behaviour of a vessel or appendage in calm water and in waves, and when turning and accelerating.

Engineering System Design

An effective and reliable propulsion machinery and auxiliary system is at the core of every successful vessel.

Our in-house mechanical engineering team is focussed on the specification, engineering and design of the propulsion machinery and auxiliary systems. They are familiar with a wide range of propulsion solutions and with Classification Society, MCA and other rules and regulations, and with current and expected emission regulations. Their expertise ranges from small electric outboard motors to high-power diesel engines and thei supporting systems.

Structural Design and Optimisation

Effective structural design and analysis is esential to design and support small craft and specialist vessels.

We have a highly experienced and capable in-house structural team that is equipped with both non-linear and linear Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and other tools to support the analysis and optimisation of metal and composite structures. We are familiar with designing hull structures in metals, composites and HDPE to Classification society and other rules and standards. We design heavily loaded structures including lift points where we work to SOLAS and other rules and standards, as appropriate. We have also designed highly loaded structures such as hydrofoils in advanced composite materials. The structural engineering and optimisation is generally followed by 3D modelling of the structure and the preparation of 2D production drawings.