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Vectis supports Safehaven Marine with XSV20 development

Vectis has a long standing relationship with Safehaven Marine, the Cork, Ireland-based designer and builder of pilot boats, workboats and military vessels. In recent months this has included Vectis supporting Safehaven's development of the innovative XSV20 hybrid craft of which two have now been delivered.


Tel: +44 (0) 1489 807 270

Payload Integration

Military and professional craft are inevitably fitted with and deploy a wide range of specialist equipment and payloads. 

It is essential that these payload items are integrated into the craft at the design stage as they often have significant implications for weight and performance, stability, structural foundations, electrical load, and EMC and RADHAZ. 

We have proven capability of integrating a wide range of systems and payloads into small craft, including;

  • Manually-operated Weapon Systems
  • Remote Weapon Stations
  • Surveillance and Fire Control Systems
  • Military Navigation Systems
  • Military Communication Systems
  • Specialist Payloads