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Cumbria County Council selects Vectis for new Electric Ferry

Vectis has been selected by Cumbria County Council as consultants for the procurement of a new electrically powered car ferry for Lake Windermere. July 2021.


Tel: +44 (0) 1489 807 272

Tests and Trials

A rigorous test and trial process is essential to prove the boat and demonstrate that it meets the contractual and statutory requirements.

We have a well-established procedure for conducting tests and trials including.

  • Factory Tests and Trials
  • Lightship Weighing
  • Overload Testing of Lift Points and other Structures
  • Inclining, Stability and Self-righting Trials
  • System Commissioning and Tests
  • Builder's, Classification Society and Acceptance Trials
  • Performance Trials
  • Operational Trials
  • Ship Interface Trials
  • Aircraft Interface Trials