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Vectis wins 3 years contract to support ferries in Northern Ireland

In June 2019, Vectis was awarded a 3 year contract by the Department for Infrastructure, Northern Ireland to provide technical support to government-owned ferries in the province. The ferries include vehicle and passenger ferries and the award follows support provided to the DfI by Vectis over several years via the previous contract holder.


Tel: +44 (0) 1489 807 270

Tests and Trials

A rigorous test and trial process is essential to prove the boat and demonstrate that it meets the contractual and statutory requirements.

We have a well-established procedure for conducting tests and trials including.

  • Factory Tests and Trials
  • Lightship Weighing
  • Overload Testing of Lift Points and other Structures
  • Inclining, Stability and Self-righting Trials
  • System Commissioning and Tests
  • Builder's, Classification Society and Acceptance Trials
  • Performance Trials
  • Operational Trials
  • Ship Interface Trials
  • Aircraft Interface Trials