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Cumbria County Council selects Vectis for new Electric Ferry

Vectis has been selected by Cumbria County Council as consultants for the procurement of a new electrically powered car ferry for Lake Windermere. July 2021.


Tel: +44 (0) 1489 807 272

Platform Integration

It is an increasing requirement for small craft to be deployed from naval platforms and other ships.  Some craft are required to be transported and deployed from aircraft and helicopters. 

We have been responsible for the design integration of various boats with warships, patrol craft and commercial vessels, and with military aircraft for transportation and air-drop.  We have experience in the following types of integration and we work closely with the specialist equipment suppliers to ensure compliance with military and commercial standards.

Our capability in this field includes;

  • Integration with Single and Twin Davits
  • Deployment from Stern Ramp and Wet Dock
  • Clearance Envelopes for Ship and Boat Motions
  • Aircraft Interface by Trailer and for Air-Drop
  • Aircraft Safety Envelopes
  • Structural Design of Lift Points and Tie-Down Structures
  • Weights and Centres Management