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Vectis wins 3 years contract to support ferries in Northern Ireland

In June 2019, Vectis was awarded a 3 year contract by the Department for Infrastructure, Northern Ireland to provide technical support to government-owned ferries in the province. The ferries include vehicle and passenger ferries and the award follows support provided to the DfI by Vectis over several years via the previous contract holder.


Tel: +44 (0) 1489 807 270

Tender Management

The preparation of a professional Invitation To Tender package and the management of the tender process requires significant experience and resources.

We support government agencies and professional organisations by helping to prepare the statement of requirements for a new boat, to prepare the PQQ, RFI and ITT documentation and when required to manage the tendering process, including evaluation of proposals for technical, commercial, management and quality aspects.

A typical project would include;

  • Develop the Statements of Requirements
  • Prepare the RFI or PQQ package
  • Prepare the ITT package
  • Evaluate Responses
  • Prepare Clarification Questions
  • Support Clarification and Contract Meetings