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Vectis consolidates advanced composite design capability

Vectis has recently completed the structural design of two new high performance and weight critical advanced composite craft thereby consolidating our in-house structural design capability in both composites and metals. These craft follow the structural design of a novel 22m high speed craft and a next-generation 8m RIB both in advanced composite materials with infused and cored structural elements. This advanced composite design capability is available to other naval architects, boat designers and boat builders.


Tel: +44 (0) 1489 807 270

Next-Generation RIB delivered to Windermere Police

The Next-Generation RIB is powered by a single waterjet and inboard diesel engine installed below the entirely clear and flat aft deck.  By careful design we have been able to achieve the installation without an engine box or any other upstand that would reduce the capability and flexibility of the craft as well as form a trip hazard to personnel.  The result is a large, flexible and safe payload deck that can accommodate multiple crew seats, equipment modules, fire-fighting and salvage equipment, or survivors in stretchers.  The deck is even large enough for an ATV to be carried and driven on and off via the stern ramp.  Seats and payload items are secured to the deck track system which is integrated into the aft deck.

The design features an entirely infused composite structure for a high quality, damage resistant and light weight structure.  The design is flexible and can be built at a range of boat lengths, with a range of propulsion options, and with a bow ramp if required.

We believe this to be the most flexible and capable RIB design available in this size range.

For further details please contact Vectis Marine Design or Delta Power Group.

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